Computing in Architectural Design: Re-Thinking the Discourse

Second International Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design

25-27 April, 2006 - School of Architecture and Design, American University of Sharjah, UAE

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Accepted Papers

Paper Title

Stanislav Roudavski and Giorgos Artopoulos

Adaptive Generative Patterns: Design and Construction of Prague Biennale

Cambridge University, UK

Nimish Biloria

Design Informatics

Tu Delft, Netherlands

Sajid Addullah, Ramesh Marasini, and Munir Ahmad An analysis of the applications of Rapid Prototyping in Architecture B2B-Mc, University Of Teesside, UK
Michael Stanton Redemptive Technologies II: the Sequel (a decade later) American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Andreas Luescher and Salim Elwazani Adapting Digital Technologies to Architectural Education Needs Bowling Green State University, USA
Amar Bennadji, Hatem Ahriz and Azeddine Belakehal The Role of Users in Evaluating User-friendly Interfaces The Robert Gordon University, UK
Geeta Arjun and Jim Plume Collaborative Architectural Design as a Reflective Conversation: an agent facilitated system to support collaborative conceptual design University Of New South Wales, Australia
Elyna Amir Sharji and Ahmad Rafi Mohd. Eshaq The Significant Role of an Electronic Gallery to the Education Experience and Learning Environment Multimedia University, Malaysia
Florian Techel Future of Communicating Digital Design in Architecture - Overcoming the Divisive Power of Computer Aided Design University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Thorsten Michael Loemker Designing with Machines Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Linda Nubani The Role of Space Syntax in Identifying Crime Locations American University In Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Jon Davey Musing Heideggerian Cyberspace Southern Illinois Univsersity, USA
Wael Abdelhameed The Relations Between Design-idea Emergence and Design-solution Direction South Valley University, Egypt
Ali Chougui The Digital Design Process Setif University Algeria, Algeria
Frank Petzold and Jan Frohburg "Not Every New Monday..." Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany
Naai-Jung Shih and Pin-Hung Wang Virtual reality Management and Inspection for Quality Control National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology, Taiwan
Shang-Yuan Chen Collaborative Digital Design Workshop: ANN-based paradigm approach National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Yue Ma and Mohammed Zaheeruddin A Real-time Simulation Tool for Fault Detection and Diagnosis of HVAC Systems Concordia University, Canada
Rashidah Ab. Rahman and Alan Day A Comparative Study of Digital And Traditional Tools For Participative Design University of Bath, UK
Stephen Wittkopf, Teo Sze Lee and Zhiying Zhou I3 - Eye-Cube National University Of Singapore, Singapore
Michael Ambrose Plan is Dead. To BIM, or Not to BIM, That is the Question University of Maryland, USA
Mohammad Babsail and Andy Dong Sensor-Based Aware Environments: requirements towards establishing a computational self-configuring model The University of Sydney, Australia
Joseph C. H. Huang and Robert Krawczyk Integrating Mass Customization with Prefabricated Housing Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
George Katodrytis The Autopoiesis and Mimesis of Architecture American University Of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Chih-Chieh Huang An Approach to 3D Conceptual Modeling: using spatial input device Graduate Institute Of Architecture, NCTU, Taiwan
José Lerma and Salim Elwazani Digital Rectified Imagery: a survey method for design and conservation projects Polytechnic University Of Valencia (Spain) and Bowling Green State University (USA)
Rasha Ali Islamic Architecture and Digital Databases Université De Paris Iv-Sorbonne, France
Bruce Lonnman Structural Performance Modeling in Architectural Design Education American University Of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Craig Anz Critical Environmentalism and the Practice of (Re)-construction: applications of digital technologies for increased participatory interaction in architectural urban design and community development scenarios Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA
Tahar Kouider and Graham Castle Evolution or Revolution: is digital conceptual design the way forward for architects? The Robert Gordon University, UK