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The ASCAAD 2022 theme focuses on Hybrid Spaces of the Metaverse, with the aim of unraveling the opportunities and potentials of architecture in the age of the Metaverse. Historically space was always the container of people’s activities and memories; it is the collective reflection of their life styles. Walls, floors and ceilings of architectural spaces witnessed the moments of joy and happiness, as well as moments of misery that changed human history, from the signing of the United Nations Declaration post WWII, to the first I-phone sold in the Apple store; history is written inside architectural spaces. The new era of the 4th industrial revolution, which is associated with digital transformation, will unlock new opportunities for architects, interior designers and whoever will enter the domain of the metaverse. The metaverse will not only serve as a portal to a new world, but also as an extension to new activities such as commercial, social, educational and business activities that will thrive in the new virtual realm. The metaverse will act as the natural transcendence of technological advancements carrying new potentials to the architectural profession.

Active Worlds, Second Life, Roblox and Fortnite are all early versions of what we will witness in the next few years, shifting from entertainment to full commercial, official and governmental activities; all will be hosted inside virtual and hybrid spaces. A new era will start inside virtual realms; real economy will rise inside virtual architecture but without the multiple physical or structural constraints that limit physicality anymore such as gravity, and day and night cycles; no oxygen is needed anymore. But this time, human activities will not only be recorded and saved but also attended and lived in real time. Computational design will continue to thrive and even evolve into new forms aligning with new changes and challenges of the metaverse.

Hybrid spaces are the spaces that will be built as a virtual extension of real spaces. They will be in connection to real spaces and reflecting their activities on a real time basis. On the other hand, pure virtual spaces will occur, trespassing time zones and geographical barriers. The importance of hybrid experiences was most realized after the pandemic lockdowns; and now is the time to invent new design methodologies and new theories as a natural transcendence of architecture profession. Hyperlinks portals replacing staircases and elevators, physically impossible structures, open budget interiors, teleportation are all new notions emerging with the new domain. Today, virtual spaces are hosted on various cloud services and registered as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). They are experienced as immersed spaces using headsets or semi immersed spaces presented through laptops and/or mobile screens. With the new accelerating pace of technology, there is high possibility for integration within our neural networks to be experienced in our minds with just closing our eyes in the near future.

With considerably very little scientific research presented in this new field, the need to such a contribution has become imminent. This year, Beirut Arab University (BAU) will host the 10th ASCAAD international conference in order to test and discuss novel ideas and design approaches that shape and transform metaverse environments, therefore setting new roadmaps and offering solutions to researchers, architects and designers, tech startups, educators, technologists and even thought leaders seeking a new role in the metaverse.

Conference Host /

This year, the 10th ASCAAD International Conference (ASCAAD 2022) will be hosted by the Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment, at Beirut Arab University (BAU), Beirut, Lebanon. Established in 1962, the Faculty leads an academic vision, mission and aims that are consistent with the general objectives set by the International Union of Architects (UIA) declaration in 2005. The faculty offers 4 Bachelor degrees; Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Fashion Design. It also offers 3 M.Arch. degrees (Architecture, Creative Sustainability, and Digital Design and Fabrication), 3 M.Sc. degrees (Architecture, Heritage of Islamic Arab Architecture, and Urban Design and Planning), and 2 PhD degrees (Architecture, and Urban Design and Planning). The Faculty has the only internationally accredited Architectural program in Lebanon by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). In February 2017, RIBA confirmed Initial Validation and full RIBA recognition of Part II (after Year 6 M.Arch.) and continued recognition and reposition of Part I (after Year 4) effective from 2017 till 2023. The Faculty also hosts a number of state-of-the-art facilities, including the Architectural Library, GIS Lab, Digital Modeling and Environmental Labs, Virtual Reality Lab, the Model Making Workshop, and the Digital Fabrication Lab.


topics of interest /

The ASCAAD 2022 conference invites submissions of original research papers that discuss novel ideas that shape and transform Metaverse environments. The conference sub-themes include but are not limited to:

1) Artificial Intelligence

2) Information Management

3) Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication

4) Virtual Environments and Emerging Realities

5) Computational Design Theory

6) Hybrid Cities


important dates /

First call for papers 24 February 2022
Deadline for abstract submission 21 April 2022
Notification of abstract acceptance 19 May 2022
Deadline for full paper submission 17 July 2022
Notification of full paper acceptance 3 September 2022
Submission of final conference papers 15 September 2022
Conference days 12-14 October 2022